Federative Republic Of Brazil

Embassy Of Brazil -Islamabad

50 Attaturk Avenue – P.O. Box 1053 – G-6/3 – Islamabad, Pakistan

TEL: +92(051) 2279690/91 FAX +92(051) 2823034

Email:  brasembp@isb.compol.com


Honorary Consulate of Brazil in Karachi

113-A, Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society,

Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

TEL:   +92(021) 4550217, 4556086/9

FAX: +92(021) 4555154 / 4550597 




Tourist Visa Requirements:

  • visa application form, dated and signed by applicant
  • 2 passport size photographs (white background-non glossy paper)
  • copy of passport on A4-size paper (please do not cut down to size)
  • Police Character Certificate, duly verified by the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the region
  • letter of invitation from Brazil (not mandatory)
  • confirmation of hotel booking (in case there is no letter of invitation)
  • letter from current employer containing applicant’s designation and salary
  • bank statement of the  past 6 months
  • confirmed round-trip ticket




All applicants will be interviewed by the Vice Consul in Islamabad or by the Honorary Consuls in

Karachi     [(021) 455-0217]

Lahore      [(042) 735-8777] or

Peshawar [(091) 584-1373], as a first step in the application process.



3. Fees

A processing fee of US$25.00 (twenty-five US dollars) must be paid on presentation of application, in US cash. Such fee is non-refundable.


-Once approval of visa is received from the Ministry of External Relations in Brazil,   applicant must pay the tourist visa fee of US$20.00 (twenty US dollars).




All visa applications are submitted to Brazil for approval and are analyzed one by one, in the authorities’ own time frame. Cases cannot be rushed. Applicants are requested not to call either the Embassy or the Honorary Consulates about the status of any visa: when approval is given, the interested parties will be contacted directly and requested to present their passports.


Sending and receiving passports to and from Islamabad


All visas are issued at the Embassy of Brazil in Islamabad. All passports are sent from the Honorary Consulates to the Embassy of Brazil by courier, paid by applicant. Any loss incurring during transportation to or fro is the sole responsibility of the courier company commissioned to deliver and/or retrieve passport.




Business Visa Requirements:

(Citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan intending to travel to Brazil for business must present)


  • Visa application form, completed in duplicate, dated and signed by applicant with 3 passport size photographs


  • A valid passport with expiration date not less than 6 months after the intended arrival date in Brazil


  • A confirmed return ticket to Brazil.


  • Letter from current employer stating position and expressly authorizing applicant to conduct business on his behalf. The same letter will state the specific purpose of visit, duration and city(ies) to be visited; and also confirm the employer will be responsible for expenses incurred by the applicant during his stay in Brazil;


  • Copy of company's bank statement for the last 3 months, so as to comply with legal requirements that applicant possesses the financial means to undertake travel to Brazil;


  • If self-employed, copy of recent Income Tax Returns and most recent Assessment Order.


  • Letter, in original, from the Brazilian enterprise, written in Portuguese, addressed to the Brazilian Embassy in Islamabad, extending invitation for the proposed business trip to Brazil;


  • Recent import / export contracts, invoices or shipping documents showing transactions with any firm in any country, to attest the applicant's activities in the field of foreign trade;


  • Additional information and / or documents may be requested, when / if necessary.


  • Two sets of all documents i.e. copy of passport, copy of bank statement, copy of all other documents that is required to be submitted along with visa application.



  • Once the above requirements have been met, applicant shall be subject to a personal interview, which is an integral part of the visa consideration process.


  • After the interview (at Karachi, if application has been submitted at Karachi) the application shall be sent to the Brazilian Embassy at Islamabad that may consult the Ministry of External Relations in Brasilia, Brazil, prior to issuance of visa.


  • Upon approval of the visa application, there will be a fee of US$60.00 (US Dollars Sixty only)


  • For visa applications submitted at Karachi, a non-refundable Postal courier fees payable in advance of Rs.600/- per applicant for courier charges to and from Islamabad are to be paid by the applicant.


  • If consultation is required with the Ministry of External Relations in Brazil, the applicant shall be informed of any related costs.


  • Service charges Rs. 500/=




Applicants from Sindh may submit their documents at the Honorary Consulate in Karachi, if they do not wish to travel to Islamabad.